Comedy Event Market Harborough

Event Date

February 2019


Sound Engineer/System Technician


L’Acoustics Kiva, SB18, 8XT Fills
Behringer X32 Compact + Behringer S16
QLab for Playback
EV Monitoring
Sennheiser G3 RF


1 Day Build & Show
1 Day Show & Derig


Market Harborough joined Leicester in hosting a comedy festival. The market hall was chosen as a venue which brought its own challenges. Images and dimensions were provided to be able to build the venue in L’Acoustic’s Sound Vision software. This allowed me to choose the best equipment and deployment for the venue.

A small stack of 4 Kiva on top of an SB18 sub was chosen for FOH as the SB18 was only for tracks and sound effects. A further delay stack of 2 Kiva were deployed for the tiered audience. This was chosen due to the reflective nature of the venue and reaching the top of the tiered seating.

8XTs were used as front fill and additional 8XTs were used as out fill due to the venue being at capacity for both nights. This meant that every seat had perfect audio within a venue that typically doesn’t host these kind of events.

Time alignment and toning was completed using Smaart V8 and L’Acoustics Network Manager software. The mixing console chosen was a Behringer X32 Compact and remote S16 stage box meaning only a single network cable had to be run to stage. Wireless handheld mics were Sennheiser G3.

The event was sold out on both evenings with complements on how the venue was transformed. The decision to go with the SB18s over the SB15s were proven when sound effects of gunshots and explosions were used on on the evenings. The finished setup was neat and efficient with only 3 amplifiers being used to drive the whole system while still having control of each element separately.